couple 1I suppose it is time to weigh in. It is now or never. So here it goes: There is a significant movement in Ireland today driven on by most governmental parties, the media, television personalities and almost anyone who has been awarded a public voice. The movement, which appears to account for only one side of the issue, encourages Irish people to vote “Yes for equality”. A “Yes” vote would result in the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland being amended to redefine marriage to include the union of same sex couples. Currently, it is defined as union of only opposite sex couples.

In this interview with The Catholic Irishman he attempts to outline the very logical case why voting “Yes” would be a mistake for Ireland. Many people believe that arguing against gay marriage is bigoted and based on outdated religious ideology. Contrary to that myth, the Truth could not be more logical.

Based on your writings a lot of people are going to want to know what your thoughts are on gay marriage. Could you elaborate?

 I know a lot of people will want to know so they can batter me over the head with them. Others will ask for more altruistic reasons and out of a genuine seeking of knowledge. But the views that I hold are the views of Catholicism and by “Catholicism” I don’t mean the views of random clerics who provide their personal opinion separated from Church teaching. It seems that if priest opinions are in agreement with the “Yes” camp, they will get painted over every newspaper and political public forum in Ireland, which is what happened recently with Father Iggy O’Donovan. I am referring to the two thousand year body of Church teaching, enshrined as doctrine, infallible and unchangeable. If a priest does not hold to those principles he has abdicated his role as teacher for Christ.

So what are your views then?

 It is very simple and very logical. Homosexuality is sexuality distorted. It is not what sexuality is. It is something other than what sexuality exists for. Even the least logical of human beings can determine that sex between two men or two women is not the true function of sexuality. Sexuality exists to unite two individuals and its purpose is for procreation. If sexual feelings of any kind are divorced from that fulfillment then those feelings are distorted; that does not make the person feeling them bad, it just makes the feeling misdirected. Sexual emotion can become misdirected for any number of reasons. The point is, when they become misdirected, they should be called misdirected. It is logical. It is sensible. So let’s move forward.

But people have no choice in being homosexual.

 I agree with that. Homosexuality is an exceptionally deep-seated emotional experience. It is a physiological feeling derived from chemical and neurological interactions in our brains and bodies. It is absolutely likely that people who experience these attractions have no choice to feel them, but that makes no difference to the argument because they are still a distorted form of sexuality. The emotions are being directed toward an object that sexuality does not exist for. You really can’t get around that fact.

But so what? Should not people with these feelings be allowed to live any way they wish?

 I believe strongly in free will and choice. People certainly have the free will to do as they please. There is little I can do to stop people engaging in whatever behaviors they wish. If two men wish to direct their sexuality toward themselves then that is their choice. But it is still a misdirection of sexuality.

So why do you have a problem?

I have no problem with people who experience same sex attraction. It is when they seek to engage in behavior that is contrary to their human nature that I must speak up, especially when they then attempt to force the concept that homosexual behavior is normal. It is not. I am always going to say that their actions are misdirected and that their sexual experiences are not ordered in the direction sexuality exists for. I will always explain the Truth, for that is my duty as a Christian. What people do once I have explained the Truth is on them. I also will never stop reaching out either – just to clarify.

So why have you set up a forum telling people that homosexuality is wrong?

Feeling same sex attraction is not wrong. It is misdirected sexuality, but if it can not be helped then it is not wrong. Homosexual behaviors freely chosen are wrong. I have a forum because people need to know. The whole country, in fact the whole world, through news organizations, governments, Hollywood, television shows and multiple other public forums is set up to deliver a message that homosexuality is normal and okay. That is plainly a lie and yet these mediums of information have been hugely successful in convincing most of the world, including most Catholics, that same sex attraction is part of “who a person is” rather than something a person experiences. A person is not defined by what they feel, by a function, and so, I believe deliberate attempts to define a human being by what they feel, including when people do it to themselves, is dehumanizing. They are denying their own humanity and the humanity of others. They are also attempting to redefine an objective Truth of what is human. Sexuality is an objective, intrinsic, human quality. It is ordered. To disorder it or argue for a disorder of it is essentially dehumanizing the person and dehumanizing the whole human race. I cannot accept a distortion of Truth. It is my duty for social justice to let people know these portrayals are false and misleading. Truth screams out to be known.

But you have no problem with two homosexuals living as homosexuals?

ring 2 No, I never said that. I certainly have an issue with the sexual behaviors that flow from homosexuality but, if two people choose them freely, then that is their choice and I will not force them otherwise. I will always inform them that their choice is misdirected but if they still choose it, then that is on them and they shall accept the consequences of their choice whatever that may be.

So what should a young person do who is experiencing same sex attraction?

 Even heterosexual persons experience misdirected sexuality. That is why pornography is such a scourge in our world. Pornography is also misdirected sexuality. Sexuality finds its fulfillment in the uniting or two minds or spirits, the masculine and the feminine, the yin and yang if you will. This unification of love is ordered toward the creation of love and the development of love manifested biologically as a child. Masculine and feminine are two different concepts, but real, with different but complementary attributes. Not only does the male complement the female physically but this also translates into emotional and spiritual complementarity. What occurs is a spiritual dance or relationship of giving and receiving that all humans experience individually and crave in their relationships. A child requires this complementarity in their parents for affirmation of their individual experiences of the masculine and feminine, the giving and receiving they experience individually, internally, intrinsically. A male is the biological manifestation of masculinity and the female is the biological manifestation of femininity. Both male and female experience masculine and feminine but the male is more disposed intrinsically to the masculine and the female is more disposed intrinsically to the feminine. Like the ebbing and flowing of the ocean tide so too is the gentle swaying of the masculine, feminine spirit together. It is really a beautiful philosophical and biological, spiritual reality. A young person should know these Truths and be enabled to understand them. A young person should know what sexuality really is rather than being bombarded by the agenda of today’s secular information mediums, which seek to distort the true vision of sexuality.

How can you say that homosexuality is not normal when it is documented since the beginning of documentation in humans and even in the animal kingdom? For example we see how species of dogs display homosexual attraction.

I don’t deny that this is the case but homosexuality is still a distortion of sexuality. It doesn’t matter if it is practiced or felt by every human and animal on the planet, it is still a distortion of what sexuality is logically meant to be. Even if they discover the elusive homosexual gene to show humans are born with the attraction (which, by the way they have not discovered yet despite what you have heard), it is still a misdirected emotion toward an object other than what sexuality finds true fulfillment in.

If you have no problem with homosexuals choosing to engage in the behavior you refer to as distorted…

No, I have a problem with it. I just cannot prevent them if they choose to exercise their free will.

Okay, would you then be okay if the country chooses in the referendum, through free will to allow gay marriage?

Ireland will have what it has based on whatever the political power mongers push on us, but I will never support enshrining in our constitution an action or feeling that is intrinsically disordered. I do not want disordered sexuality forced on my head politically by the weak elites of this country. In effect, that is what a referendum does. It is where potentially 51% of the country can enforce their view upon the heads of the other 49%. I can’t stop individuals who have chosen disordered sexuality freely and go off to their behaviors alone. However, when you intend to force that disordered sexuality upon the heads of all Irish people and you propose enshrining it in the constitution, a document which is meant to represent us and natural human order, then at that point I will oppose you absolutely and completely.

wedding 1First of all, a “Yes” vote is significantly manipulated by people in positions of power. So people are never getting the true picture as all they hear is the propaganda of the “Yes” camp who selectively keep those same people from ever hearing the true voice of the “No” camp. Those powers also go out of their way to destroy the reputations of people who argue “No” or at the very least they make those people seem foolish and weak, outdated and bigoted. Their means of promoting their cause is therefore immoral and unethical because the deck is stacked. Second, marriage is a reflection and fulfillment of true sexuality. Gay marriage is not marriage at all but a twisted, deformed version of human union. It should be opposed at all costs.

Any last words?

People need to understand the Truth of this debate. They need to get this message out to anyone who is willing to listen because it is vital to prevent a destruction of the beauty of sexuality and human nature, humanity and Truth in Ireland and the world. Forget the bad the Catholic Church has done. That is not even the argument. The main focus should always be, “is this right?” And logically we can clearly see that gay marriage is not right at all. It is very very wrong.

Thank you

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